This is a picture of an arch we discovered walking along the ridge above Stump Beach. It melts into the rock unless you pass it at just the right angle. A friend dubbed it "Anne's Arch." I'm very flattered.

I have never been able to create in stress. This is a modern myth perpetuated by our perception of the "tortured artist" as somehow elevated, by virtue of their grand struggle against adversity and misunderstanding. I can only create in meditational peace, when my mind is enveloped in a near trance state of total creative emergence. Living here does that for me.

If you are interested in portraits for your dear friends and family, I can be contacted at 707-529-8810 in Sonoma County or you may email me. I work in watercolour, pastel, and encaustic with pastel. 

I can also produce art prints for you from your individual painting so you may share that experience with your loved ones.

Thank you,

Anne Vernon

anne [at]

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