I live on the wild California Coast. It gives me a sense of great peace and openness. And though I normally paint souls surrounding me, I will sometimes paint the beauty of the creation of our hands and the beauty of the hand of the divine.

Six Years Ago

I began a journey four years ago to find myself after two decades in the field of advertising. Something had changed within me. My creativity had blatantly manifested, front and center, and it would not be subdued. So I began to draw the human figure, to paint, to silkscreen, to explore encaustic, and to dwell on how our bodies are the temples for our souls. As I looked at my loved ones and the beings around me that fascinated me in such a variety of ways, I began to examine my spirituality via philosophy and hypnotherapy, and to realize that the mystery of life is the grandest adventure of all.

During this intense exploration, a crises happened within our family. The overwhelming loss shook my soul and only with an awakening could I ease the torment that arrested me. My art has been a major part of that awakening–a reaching out to the world, a touching of humanity, and a gift from the divine to grace me with the love and understanding of its force.